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Japanese giant salamander in Kyoto - 1

Japanese Giant Salamander

    Japanese Giant Salamanders, so gross and so cute at the same time.     For more info and pictures about Japanese giant salamanders, click on the link.    

Beynac Castle

Beynac Castle

    Beynac Castle in Dordogne, France (click on the link for more information)    

Made in France Vs Made in Germany

Made in France Vs Made in Germany

    Another fascinating World War One era postcard. Here we’re clearly in the realm of plain and simple propaganda, early 20th Century style. I don’t think I need to translate, but just in case, it says: “Made in France vs Made in Germany –...

Lamps - 1


      I don’t know much about those lamps. I didn’t take the pics, but they were went by my parents. All I know is that it was an art exhibit in Biarritz, France, a little while ago. I just liked the pictures and...

Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company

    Popularized – among other things – by the movie Before Sunset (that I have yet to see), Shakespeare and Company is one of the most fascinating bookstores in Paris and possibly in France if not beyond. Please note that contrarily to popular belief,...



    Ramelie is a pretty uncommon first name, and it may or may not be the person on the picture. Ramelie wrote a bunch of postcards to my grandfather, but I could never figure out who she was (I assume a cousin).  

Cordes Sur Ciel - 70

Medieval Fair in Cordes-sur-Ciel

  Cordes-sur-Ciel is an amazing village in the Tarn department in the French South West. It is, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful villages in the country, and it should be on everyone’s itinerary when they visit France. I could tell you more...

Kangaroo in Beauval Zoo - 2


    Those kangaroos, like many of the animals you’ll find on the blog, live in the Beauval Zoo in France.     I always have this strange feeling when I get close to a kangaroo. I mean, they’re so common in popular culture that...


Short Exposure Fountain

  Lately, I’ve started practicing taking picture with short exposure. For some reason, until recently I always had the tendency to leave the shutter speed on automated mode focusing mostly on the aperture. Why? Good question. Hence, my intention to change that a little. My...

Valance d Agen - Hall and Bell Tower

Valence d’Agen – Hall and Bell Tower

    This is Valence d’Agen‘s Hall and bell tower. They are in the heart of the town. The hall was and still is being used for mostly farmer markets and a few special events. I’m not sure when the picture was taken, from the...

David Sylvian - Abandon Hope - 3

David Sylvian’s Abandon Hope

  I knew – not too well I admit – David Sylvian as a musician and singer, but I didn’t know him as a photographer. However, last year, during the Setouchi Triennale 2013 in Japan, I discovered some of his works in the abandon hope...

Collonges-la-rouge in Correze


  Collonges-la-rouge is a small village in the Corrèze department, not too far from Rocamadour. It’s famous for being built (at least its historical center) entirely in red sandstone:         It is obviously part of the “Most beautiful villages in France” and...

Ask a Frenchman

Why don’t French people wear deodorant?

    (asked by David L. from Miami) This is one of the very first posts from the original Ask a Frenchman blog that I’m republishing here today. It was from a series of very stereotypical questions that my friend David L. from Miami had...