Pink Wallace Fountain

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Feb 072012



Well, the title says it all. It’s a pink Wallace Fountain.

It is located on rue Jean Anouilh, between the BNF and Rue Neuve Tolbiac in the 13th Arrondissement.

Why is it pink and not dark green?

Well, when it was installed as well as a few other ones in the 13th Arrondissement, the arrondissement’s mayor wanted them to represent Paris’s tradition, but also a more contemporary Paris, just like this neighborhood. Hence the colors. This one is pink, but there also are red, orange and yellow ones in the area.



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David was born and raised in the French South West. After a few years in the US and a few more in Paris, he finally settled down in Japan. He blogs here about his various experiences and travels, with an emphasis on his home country, France.

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  8 Responses to “Pink Wallace Fountain”

  1. Ah, I know this one, passed by it many times. It’s in the 13th between the Bn and the metro. I don’t know anything about it though — interested to hear what you know.

  2. Very striking. I think it’s a great idea to paint statues nice bright colours. As you say, it’s nice and modern and much more cheerful than drab grey ones!

    • Sorry, the “normal” ones are dark green, not dark gray (typo from my part, fixed).
      While I find it fun to have some colored ones like this, I think the colors are a little too flashy though.
      However, they work in the neighborhoods were they are because they’re brand new neighborhoods, but it would be a different story in historical Paris… Or maybe not…

  3. We found one of the original dark green ones. I’ve blogged about it here and given you a mention!
    Steph recently posted..Seagulls, the Louvre and David’s FountainMy Profile

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