Kanapaha Gardens is an awesome botanical garden located just outside of Gainesville, Florida. Here are some old pictures from back when I lived there (if I am to trust the timestamp, they’re from August 2004):     I remember it being more “flowery” but maybe it wasn’t the right […]

Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville, Florida

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Rambouillet Castle, nor in its park or forest. However, I doubt it has changed much since the day that picture was taken.    

Rambouillet – Castle and Park

  One thing I like about being a dad in Japan and the tons of improbable toys that one can find here. Sometimes, they’re a bit too over-the-top, but at other times, they’re really imaginative and fun. For example, Tomica, the main manufacturers of small toy cars (the Japanese equivalent […]

Star Wars Cars

  So, I just returned from spending a little more than three weeks in France. For you, if you’re a “typical” foreigner, France might be this amazing place you dream of visiting (unless you’ve already done it), or instead, if you’re an idiot loser, you may think that it is […]

In France

  The things you find in Japan…   I understand the customer’s side of Engrish (I even asked some people to confirm): they just don’t care about what’s written. They don’t even bother trying to know what that means. It’s the manufacturer’s side that confuses me a bit. I assume […]

Obey Propaganda

    This white tiger lives in the zoo of Beauval in France.     White tigers are very rare in the wild. The last one that was observed was in the 50’s in India. (only white Bengal tigers have been observed, not other species)     All white tigers […]

White Tiger

  I try to stay away from non-French politics on this blog, but what’s have been happening in the United States recently is extremely worrisome for everyone. American citizens, but the whole world really. However, today I won’t speak about the elephant in the room (or rather the nasty blond […]

Republican Healthcare Bill in the United States

  If you’re interested in Paris or in French history, you have most likely heard of the Hôtel des Invalides. Located in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris, this very large complex of buildings dates from the late 17th Century (when Louis XIV reigned). Its original purpose was to house the […]

Hôtel des Invalides