Yes, I know, I’m not talking about this season as much as I used to do with the previous ones (if you’re a reader of the blog and are wondering “what? he never talked about it before”, I used to do it on Facebook, but I decided to move it […]

The Walking Dead – Service

  So, I haven’t talked about the Walking Dead this season yet (yes, sorry for people not caring about TV shows, but they’ll become a feature of this blog, but worry not, normal posting of the usual topics and pictures will also resume soon). The thing is that it’s harder […]

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episodes 1 & 2

  So, I’m a little behind, but I finally watched the first two episodes of Stranger Things… Here are my impressions. As often with TV shows, I’m typing my thoughts as they come, so it’s not always very structured. It was very interesting and “weird”. The nostalgia is strong with […]

Stranger Things

  So, you may have heard of it, but Prisma is this new app that turns your pictures into drawings and paintings. At first, I dismissed it as a useless app, and the first things I saw on my social media pretty much confirmed it. However, a few days ago, […]

Testing Prisma

Just some traditional Thai umbrellas…         In case you’re wondering, no I didn’t go to Thailand, this was in Japan, as a part of the Setouchi Triennale 2016.    

Traditional Thai Umbrellas

Domme is a village perched on top of a cliff in the French South-West (Périgord). The view of the Dordogne Valley from there is stunning.         Yes, those pictures do make me homesick a little bit (not exactly my home area, but on the scale of the […]

From Domme

    I hadn’t posted an animal picture in quite a while, so here is one. It’s an Indian Rhinoceros, and like many other pictures of wild animals on this blog, it was taken at the Beauval Zoo in France, one of the best zoos I have ever been to. […]

Indian Rhinoceros

(asked by Carina from Portugal)   Dear Frenchman, I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m finding your answers much more engaging than I was expecting to. In a matter of minutes you’ve managed to stimulate my curiosity concerning France in a way I didn’t think possible until this very moment […]

What do French people think of Portugal & Portuguese people?

  This is it! Winter has come and our season is ending with a bang (literally, in King’s Landing). If last week was the most epic battle on the show yet, this episode was definitely one of the best. I’m not lying when I’m saying that my heart was beating […]

The Winds of Winter – Game of Thrones Episode S6E10