Yes, why wait until they can walk and speak to give them sexist toys when you can do it when they’re still babies? So, the other day, at the toy store, I found this:     Sure, it’s in Japanese, but do I really need to explain? I guess I […]

Sexist Toys for Babies and Toddlers

    You both rest in peace. 🙁   (credits: Lawrence Schiller – Polaris. Here is an interesting EW article about it. Thanks Massimo).  

Debbie and Carrie

Today, I’m unearthing old pictures from back when I used to live in Florida. It’s a small town called Cedar Key that was one of my favorite spot in the area. The waterfront really looked like a pirate village, and the rest of the town had a pretty unique charm […]

Pelicans in Cedar Key

    This is the Gare Matabiau in Toulouse (the city’s main train station), circa 1900. A very interesting picture – at least for me – as I rode the train there several times a month in the mid-90’s when I was an undergraduate student in Toulouse. All things considered, […]

Toulouse – Gare Matabiau

  This is it: We now live in a world that is both post-satirical and most likely the darkest timeline. For most of sane people, it’s an aberration. We are having a hard time grasping how this is even possible. But then, I’m thinking about my kids, still too young […]

Is it how generation gaps are born?

Yes, I know, I’m not talking about this season as much as I used to do with the previous ones (if you’re a reader of the blog and are wondering “what? he never talked about it before”, I used to do it on Facebook, but I decided to move it […]

The Walking Dead – Service

  So, I haven’t talked about the Walking Dead this season yet (yes, sorry for people not caring about TV shows, but they’ll become a feature of this blog, but worry not, normal posting of the usual topics and pictures will also resume soon). The thing is that it’s harder […]

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episodes 1 & 2

  So, I’m a little behind, but I finally watched the first two episodes of Stranger Things… Here are my impressions. As often with TV shows, I’m typing my thoughts as they come, so it’s not always very structured. It was very interesting and “weird”. The nostalgia is strong with […]

Stranger Things