For some reason I love this pic. This is Lucy. She was one of my roommate’s two cats back in 2002-2004. She definitely was a LOLCat. For example, one day she decided that jumping and hanging out in the bathtub was fun. One day happened what was bound […]


  Let’s try something. I have a series of pictures from Paris that work well for a quiz series. Let’s start with this one, a pretty easy one if you’ve spend some time in Paris:     Edit: Dan has found the answer. It is in the metro station Palais […]

Where in Paris?

    This the Rue de Vaugirard in Paris. Nothing very special about this street except for one thing, it is the longest street in Paris. The picture was taken near its beginning, the building on the left is the Palais du Luxembourg which houses the French Senate.    

Rue de Vaugirard

  You may already have heard about Carcassonne and even if you haven’t I will tell you about this place several times on this blog. Let’s start today with a few words and pictures on the castle.   It was built on the grounds and foundations of much older constructions […]

Carcassonne’s Castle

    The village next to the Lascaux Caves.